Anecdotes about Louis Vuitton bags

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Anecdotesabout Louis Vuitton bagsThe British cruise ship “Titanic” sank into the bottom of the sea louis vuitton in1911.Later, people salvaged a LV hard luggage from the seabed. To everyone’s surprise, the luggage is notinfiltrated, even a drop of seawater. Because of this, LV is fame.There is a rumor that a LV customers home was fired and most ofclothing were burned, except a LV bag . The exterior of the bag was blackened deformed, the items insidewas completely well. In addition to the durable, another reason for the brandto stand is that it specialized in royal and aristocratic market. So it’sreasonable that LV is expensive.Louis Vuitton is loved by ladies and gentlemen around the world, especially Japanis crazy Louis Vuitton. After the change of times, LV does not show old trendbut continue the culmination. LV holds the greatest respect for the feelings ofany customer. Each Louis Vuitton bag is handmade and the speedof production is limited. So LV also limit the number of customers to buy thegoods. We can see that this is the reason why Louis Vuitton is so expensive. louis vuitton uk

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